Helena Little Theatre
P.O. Box 433, Helena-West Helena, Arkansas 72342

Upcoming Events

"Little Shop of Horrors"
March 5, 6, and 7, 2015

For more information, call 870-338-6474, ext. 1373, or email director Kirk Whiteside at kwhite@pccua.edu

The Helena Little Theatre open meeting is tentatively set for May 19th. Come join us!

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Helena Little Theatre was organized in 1934 by a group of people who wished to offer live entertainment to the Helena and West Helena community and, at the same time, give themselves an outlet for their creative energies. The group has remained active for well over half a century, except for two brief periods in the late 1940s and early 1960s.

In the early days only dramas, comedies, and mysteries were produced. That all changed, however, in 1968 when HLT produced its first musical, Kiss Me Kate, directed by Dr. Jean Knowlton. In 1973, My Fair Lady, directed by Eloise Kalb, was the first co-production of a musical by HLT and Phillips Community College. It was also the first such production staged in the new Lily Peter Auditorium. Since 1973, HLT and PCC/UA have collaborated on numerous musicals and many dramas and comedies, including Annie, The Wizard of Oz, The King and I, South Pacific, Crimes of the Heart, Steel Magnolias, Greater Tuna, The Foreigner, and most recently, Nunsense, in March 2014.

Blending the resources and talent of HLT and PCCUA offers a perfect combination that will guarantee continued entertaining live theatre for Phillips County and surrounding areas in seasons to come.

Helena Little Theatre
P.O. Box 433, Helena-West Helena, AR  72342

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